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“I turned $500 into over $1 million in less than one year. Thinking differently about marketing is what I do.”

- Leon Hill. Founder, Rock Publicity.

Do you need more help reaching a larger audience online? Does your company struggle with digital sales, customer acquisition or social media? Or maybe your existing marketing campaigns just don’t seem to be performing as well as they should?

If any of this sounds familiar, your marketing isn’t what it could be.

Rock Publicity has worked with everyone from startups to SMEs, companies and celebrities, authors and associations, corporations with billion-dollar turnovers and individuals worth up to $75 million. We know how to reach more people, build a larger following and earn you more revenue online.

We focus on digital publicity, low cost powerful marketing techniques, training and generating every possible revenue dollar we can. In short, we make sure the maximum number of people possible are seeing your messages, for the lowest possible investment.

And whether your budget is $5000 or $5 million, we can help.

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