Hey there. My name is Leon Hill and I am ‘Rock Publicity.’

Marketing, promotion and helping people and businesses get exposure online is my thing — personally, I made my first $1 million in under a year with no experience, at the age of 24.

I’m now 28 and I work as a marketing consultant, celebrity publicist, social media manager, global wanderer and digital creative. I work with companies, entertainers, government agencies and organisations around the world, helping them reach more people and make more money.

Just in 2013, I’ve spent time in Australia, Singapore, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Brunei and the United States, helping clients in almost every industry achieve more online through low- or no-cost digital marketing. And just in the last twelve months, I’ve worked with organisations ranging from world-class universities, to the new Jackass: Bad Grandpa film.

And if you believe the picture below, I also like screaming at white spaces…

Leon Hill of Rock Publicity

(I don’t really like screaming at things, I just thought it was a cool shot).

What Are Your Credentials?

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have any, at least in a formal sense.

I dropped out of school after the tenth grade, I never went to college or university and I don’t have a membership to a professional group or organisation. On paper, I shouldn’t be someone who can command thousands of dollars per day for my experience in marketing, promotion, publicity and digital advertising.

But despite this, without any experience and with a starting investment of less than $500, I made my first $1 million in revenue in under a year — all before my 25th birthday.

I’ve been named by SmartCompany magazine as one of the ‘Hot 30 Under 30′ Australian entrepreneurs, world famous internet marketer Yaro Starak called me “…one of the first true social media experts”, I’ve been invited to speak at massive events like Splendour In The Grass, as well as to judge the Australian Webstream Awards.

What Do You Do?

In short, I’m a consultant. Companies, celebrities, businesses and organisations pay me for my knowledge, expertise and to create marketing campaigns that reach more people, sell more products and generate more revenue.

It’s hard to say exactly what I do, because it’s different with every client. For some, it could be creating a digital marketing campaign to sell thousands of new products, or subscribe more customers to a new service. With others, I fine tune existing promotion channels, focus marketing efforts, make changes, train staff, or make sure a company’s name is spreading like wildfire online.

Sometimes, I’ll spend a day or week with a small business or startup, giving advice on their direction, setting up social media, or brainstorming ideas for impressive publicity stunts. Other days, I might spend an hour or two on the phone with someone in a far-flung corner of the globe, conducting ‘Marketing Therapy’ sessions.

I’ve organised endorsements and worked with large companies like Contour, BMW, MINI, United States Marine Corps, French Tourism Board, Volkswagen Auto Group’s brands, Korean Department of Tourism, Singapore Management University and many more.

What I do with each client varies so much as you can see, but this should give you some idea of a few things I’ve done over the years:

Increased online reach of an established brand by 1500% in 90 days.
Generated $235,000 in revenue in a week, using nothing but 30 pig hearts.
Spent months creating the largest study of social media of its kind ever conducted.

You Work With Celebrities?

I do. After the sale of my first company in 2012, I spent a lot of time focusing on the sparkling world of entertainment. In the last year I’ve worked with artists signed to global music labels like Virgin, EMI and Warner, as well as sporting stars, TV and film personalities, and well-known public figures.

I also manage the digital promotion and publicity of a host of well-known celebrities and acts. I control revenue generation for individuals with personal net wealth of up to $75,000,000.

Some of the stars signed as my permanent clients include MTV’s Jackass star and professional Team Element skateboarder Bam Margera

Bam Margera Lamborghini Gallardo Gumball 3000

As well as Australian ARIA-winning and multi-platinum-selling sensations (and not to mention two great friends of mine and fantastic human beings) Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, also known as The Veronicas

The Veronicas Audi R8

You Have A Ton Of Tattoos?

You noticed that huh? I get asked about them a lot, which is why I thought I’d add this into my bio.

I know I don’t fit the ‘norm’ of what a millionaire businessman or marketing consultant should look like — and that’s something I truly love. I’m proof you don’t have to be a university-graduated, suit-wearing stereotype to succeed in your field. In fact, my image makes me stand out and be memorable — I was once told the reason I was hired is because they remembered me as “…that tattooed millionaire kid.” They make me more memorable and honestly, I love that.

In the end, my tattoos mean nothing more to me than a personal passion. On top of that, I don’t mind how people assume I’m some kind of rock star when I fly business class, instead of just being a marketing consultant — that’s way cooler.

What's Happening In Your Future?

As always, a lot.

I’ve recently moved to Iceland, after being there for the first time in 2013 for a client’s wedding. Apart from running the digital marketing for Iceland’s Secret Solstice Music Festival this June, I’ve also got some huge plans in the works for managing the business developments of some new clients, and a huge life project starting in February!

I’m also working on writing a book. Hopefully, I’ll release it sometime in 2014, as long as I get enough down time to focus on it for a while!

How Can I Work With You?

That’s easy… as long as I have the time to fit you in!

If you’re a small business or individual, I can spend as little as a few hours or a day with you, working on whatever you need help with, or what I think would benefit you the most.

For large companies, corporate entities or organisations, everything I do is completely crafted based on the individual job.

In either case, the best option is to read more about the kinds of things Rock Publicity does most often. After that, you should get in contact with myself or my assistant via any of the contact details at this page.

How Do I Get In Contact?

Easy. Click here to get in contact — just remember to be nice.

I look forward to chatting with you.


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