Wanna find out about NYC’s fast food as though being told by an idiot? Look no further…

Lobster Grilled Cheese from Luke's

Usually, I’m all about glorious photos, long descriptions of things, and posts that have more detail in them than the golden embroidery on the Pope’s robe. Not this time.

My incredible friend Laura in Australia is known for loving a burger more than just about anyone. In fact, we sometimes sit on the couch together passing photos of the best ones we can find on the Internet back and forward to each other. Seriously… we have problems.

So when she asked me a few days ago to send her photos of all the tasty stuff I’d been eating, I blasted her Facebook inbox with every photo I could find in my phone, along with ridiculous descriptions of what the food was like. In short, I thought it’d make a good blog post (especially because I haven’t posted anything in a month) so decided to put it up for y’all.

All this stuff was epic. Though I have to admit, after being in the USA for almost a month, I’m glad I’m going back to Iceland on Monday. This stuff is making me fat…

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Icelandic food isn’t all fish, fish, fish. Here you’ll find some of the best fast food on the planet…

Gordon Ramsay puffin in Iceland

Before coming to Iceland, I thought the only things I’d be eating here were typical healthy, Viking dishes. Fish, game, and anything else along those lines.

Very soon though, I realised the people of Iceland love their tasty, fattening food, despite not having a single McDonalds on the island. And honestly, I love that fact. Almost my first couple of weeks here were nothing burgers, fries and hotdogs, and along with that putting on at least three to four kilograms. And because of Iceland’s amazing produce, even the so-called ‘unhealthy’ food here is better for you and tastier than almost anywhere else in the world, so you won’t care if it is making you a little fat.

So come with me on a journey of clogged arteries, cholesterol and oil, and find out some of the best fast food in Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik…

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Welcome to Kex Hostel Reykjavik: Welcome Home

by Leon Hill on November 6, 2013

I never imagined hostels would be my thing. Oh, how wrong I was…

Kex Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland

I have to admit, before coming to Kex I’d never stayed in a hostel before.

My work can involve a lot of travel, and usually that means upmarket business hotels paid for by clients. You know the drill – half-ton chandeliers to greet you as you first enter, perfectly polished lobbies with an abundance of marbled surfaces, porters catering to your every whim, and staff decked out in uniforms that that are pressed and starched to crisp perfection.

At Kex Hostel Reykjavik, you’ll find none of these things. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier.

I landed in Reykjavik on the 25th of September, here for the wedding of my client Bam Margera. I knew before getting here I’d be staying in a hostel, and that kinda scared me. Mainly because I’d heard stories of backpackers before of how hostels are usually full of bed bug-riddled bunks, bad food, and the cheapest, nastiest surroundings that are capable of being produced by the human mind.

So when I arrived and was met with Jess Margera, Waldie and Matthew Janiatis in the bar downstairs telling me how much this place rocked, I was instantly relieved. However, it didn’t take me long to make up my own mind about this place.

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The party continues on the biggest days of Iceland’s Airwaves festival…

FM Belfast at Iceland Airwaves Festival 2013

As I write this, it’s Sunday, there’s one day of the festival left, and I’m completely drained.

The last two days have ruined me, especially Friday, which I can’t remember much of after 10PM. It must have been an epic one though, as I didn’t crawl home until 9AM, and didn’t rise until 6.30PM that afternoon. Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at what happened over the first two days of Airwaves, you can do that right here. Otherwise, on to what’s been happening the last few days…

Friday began with American muso John Grant, formerly of The Czars. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of Grant or his former band before witnessing him at Harpa, though I’m glad I did. A few locals were surprised I hadn’t been introduced to his standout track GMF, or ‘Greatest Mother Fucker.’

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