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Hey there! You’ve got deadlines and I want to help you meet them! All the information you should need on Rock Publicity is found here. – Leon Hill Founder/Director,

Leon Hill Factoids

  • 28 year-old entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia.
  • Leon founded began marketing online in 2008 with less than $1,000 budget from his Brisbane home with no prior business experience. Generated over $1 million in first year of operation, while Leon was 24 years of age.
  • Self-made millionaire at 24.
  • Consulted globally on social media and digital publicity with companies and entities generating over $1 billion per annum. Examples include French Tourism Board, United States Marine Corps recruiting, Korean Department of Tourism and more.

Rock Publicity Factoids

  • Founded by Leon Hill in 2010.
  • Current permanantly-managed clients include MTV’s Jackass star Brandon ‘Bam’ Margera, Singapore Management University and The Veronicas.
  • Current focus on entertainment and corporate clients.
  • Revenue estimated to exceed $2 million in 2013/2014 financial year.
  • Published largest ever study on social media in Singapore in 2012.


The following is a sample of news articles written about Rock Publicity after launching the largest ever social media study undertaken on Singapore:

Singapore Business Times 20NOV12 — “Social Media: S’pore Firms Missing Out on Sales Action” 20NOV12 — “Singapore Ranks First in Social Media Use, but Last in Terms of Corporate Performance”
CNET Asia 20NOV12 — “Do You Access Facebook or Twitter on the Can?”
AllFacebook 20NOV12 — “Study: Singapore Facebook Usage Stays Strong”
Trenologi 21NOV12 (In Malay) — “Companies ‘Not Serious’ About Social Media Users In Singapore”
Human Resources Online 21NOV12 — “Many Companies Still Invisible Online”
CNET Asia 21NOV12 — “Singapore Telcos Average 1,700 Negative Mentions Per Day”
SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine 21NOV12 — “Singapore Companies Neglect $800M+ in Untapped Revenue”
DigitalOne 22NOV12 — Social Media: S’pore Firms Missing Out on Sales Action”
Guru Bootcamp 22NOV12 – “Study: Singapore Telcos Average 1,700 Negative Mentions Per Day”
Campaign Asia 22NOV12 — “Brands That Lack Social-Media Savvy Leave Money on the Table: Study”
AsiaOne 22NOV12 — “Social Media S’Pore Firms Missing Out on Sales Action”

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